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Software Engineer


Supported product migration and platform upgrades

Systems Engineer

Integrated Affiliate (Rakuten) with the web application

Integration Specialist

Worked on optimizing MongoDB queries to improve the offer eligibility engine

Database Optimization Engineer

Analyzed and improved application efficiency

Performance Analyst

Contributed to improving the web application's security

Security Specialist

Reduced 70% cost of the AWS server by optimizing system architecture

Cloud Solutions Architect

Enhancing System Efficiency and Security

As a Software Engineer at Paymi, my responsibilities spanned a wide range of technical improvements and optimizations. I played a crucial role in supporting product migration and platform upgrades, ensuring the seamless transition and enhanced performance of our systems.

Integration and Optimization

My role involved the integration of Affiliate (Rakuten) with our web application, a pivotal task that expanded our platform’s capabilities and user engagement. Additionally, I focused on optimizing MongoDB queries, significantly improving the efficiency of our offer eligibility engine and contributing to the overall system performance.

Security and Cost Reduction

A key aspect of my contributions was focused on enhancing the security of the web application. By incorporating various fraud prevention strategies, I ensured a more secure environment for our users. Moreover, my efforts in optimizing the system architecture led to a substantial reduction in AWS server costs by 70%, demonstrating my ability to combine technical expertise with cost-effective solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

Throughout my tenure at Paymi, I remained dedicated to analyzing and improving application efficiency. My work not only enhanced the system’s performance but also laid a strong foundation for future developments. My commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and my passion for technological innovation were evident in every project I undertook.