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Senior Ruby on Rails Software Engineer


Built and designed prototype for the next phase of Rewind

Prototype Developer

Built a core component in a service-oriented architecture from scratch using Ruby on Rails

Architect & Developer

Optimized Sidekiq queues/jobs and handled long-running jobs

Performance Optimizer

Deployed Ruby applications to AWS Fargate

DevOps Engineer

Configured observability tools for logging error monitoring

Systems Monitor

Configured CI/CD pipelines using Github actions for new repos

CI/CD Engineer

Unblocked and assigned work to other team members on the team

Team Coordinator

Conducted technical interviews

Tehcnical interviews

Mentored and guided junior team members


Built Front end features with REACT / AJAX / Rails views

Frontend Developer

Leading Innovation

As a Senior Ruby on Rails Software Engineer at Rewind, I led the design and development of a prototype that marked the next phase of the company’s evolution. This role required innovative thinking and the ability to envision future solutions.

Architectural Excellence

I built a core component of a service-oriented architecture from scratch, demonstrating my expertise in Ruby on Rails. This foundational work was pivotal in enhancing the system’s scalability and performance.

Performance Optimization

A key part of my role involved optimizing Sidekiq queues and jobs, ensuring the efficient handling of long-running tasks. This optimization improved the application’s responsiveness and reliability.

Deployment and DevOps

I spearheaded the deployment of Ruby applications to AWS Fargate, showcasing my skills in cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices. Additionally, I configured observability tools to enhance error monitoring, further ensuring the application’s stability.

CI/CD and Team Leadership

Configuring CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions for new repositories was a critical component of my work, streamlining development workflows. I played a central role in team coordination, unblocking and assigning tasks to ensure smooth project progression.

Technical Recruiting and Mentorship

Conducting technical interviews and mentoring junior team members were key aspects of my role, reflecting my commitment to team growth and development. These responsibilities underscored my leadership within the team.

Front-End Development

My development work extended to the front end, where I built features using REACT, AJAX, and Rails views. This work enhanced the application’s user interface, providing a seamless and engaging user experience.