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Full-stack Web Application Development


Developed Full-stack web application with REACT

Full-stack Developer

Wrote API endpoints using GRAPHQL(GQL)

Backend Developer

Liaised closely with QA, back end developers, front end developers, and product owner

Team Collaboration

Delivered multiple time-sensitive features

Feature Development

Refactored code for UI and backend to reduce UI latency

UI/Backend Optimization

Wrote unit tests for UI (REACT), GraphQL and Rails backend

Quality Assurance

Designed and discussed application architecture


Mentored other developers


Conducted technical interviews of new candidates


Technical lead on my scrum team

Technical Lead

Design Core

The project aimed to leverage Samsung Ads’ trading platform’s full potential by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like REACT for front-end development and GraphQL for crafting efficient API endpoints. A key focus was on processing, analyzing, and rendering data effectively, with significant attention to enhancing user experience by reducing UI latency through meticulous code refactoring.

Full cycle development

Achieving synergy among diverse teams, including QA, back-end developers, front-end developers, and the product owner, was crucial. Through close collaboration, the team managed to deliver multiple time-sensitive features, reflecting the dynamic nature of business needs and database upgrades.

Code quality

Ensuring high code quality was paramount. Through the development of unit tests for both the UI and backend, using tools such as Rails Minitest and React Testing Library, we upheld rigorous standards. Agile (Scrum) methodologies guided our approach, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation.

Leadership and Growth

As a mentor and technical lead, fostering the growth of fellow developers was a priority. This role involved conducting technical interviews, guiding new features’ architectural design, and leading the scrum team toward achieving project milestones.

Scaleable Architecture

The project was marked by a dedication to creating a scalable and maintainable application architecture that supports the seamless introduction of new features. This commitment was evident in the application’s design, which was made with future enhancements and team collaboration in mind.