Abhishek Vaghasiya

Experienced Ruby on Rails developer enthusiastic about writing clean, efficient, and accessible code within a functional framework. Committed to the total development lifecycle, the maintenance of code quality, and bug-free applications.

Software Developer


  • ⏤ Dropout from Pacific School of Engineering
  • ⏤ 12th from Bhakti International School, GSEB, 69%
  • ⏤ 10th from The Best High School, GSEB, 91%


  • ⏤ Software Developer at Softices Consultancy, Jun 2020 - Present

I’m Abhishek Vaghasiya, a software developer with over 4 years of experience specializing in Ruby on Rails. My journey has been marked by a commitment to developing efficient and scalable applications, with a keen focus on code quality and system development methodologies. Despite leaving college, my dedication to learning and professional growth has propelled me through significant roles in technology development, from a trainee to a software developer at Softices Consultancy.

Driving Technological Solutions

My professional experience includes working on diverse projects that demonstrate my problem-solving skills, project management, and technical expertise. My ability to integrate third-party APIs and manage complete database migrations with Ruby on Rails and ActiveRecord has been instrumental in my work. Projects like Instructor Hub, Parivar, Clloth, Reputesales, Ilaunch, Sawaconnect Saravanan BBB, Whistle.IO, and SnapMint showcase my versatility and ability to handle various technical challenges.

Innovations and Contributions

From enhancing system performance and building products from scratch to developing community applications and SEO management tools, my role has evolved to include a wide range of responsibilities. Notably, my work on video calling applications like Sawaconnect Saravanan BBB and Whistle.IO highlights my capacity to contribute to projects that require intricate backend development and integration with front-end systems.

Commitment to Excellence

With a foundation in creativity, leadership, and technical skills, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in software development. My expertise in GitHub, database management, and email functionality integration, alongside my familiarity with development tools like VS-Code and Atom, underpins my holistic approach to technology projects.

Feel free to reach out to me at hello@thedevagency.com for project inquiries or collaborations. Together, we can create innovative solutions that drive success.