Balkrushn Chovatiya

Passionate Ruby on Rails developer with a love for coding, efficiency, and food.

Founder and Senior Software Engineer


  • ⏤ Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad
  • ⏤ Mobile Solutions Development in Information Technology from Conestoga College


  • ⏤ 2 years 6 months at Rewind as Software Engineer
  • ⏤ 1 year 2 months at Paymi as Software Engineer
  • ⏤ 1 year 1 month at Loyaltyworx as Software Engineer
  • ⏤ 3 years 2 months at Softices Consultancy Pvt Ltd as Senior Web Developer

I’m Balkrushn Chovatiya, a Senior software developer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With a strong foundation in computer science from Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, and advanced training in Mobile Solutions Development from Conestoga College, my journey in technology has been marked by a continuous thirst for learning and excellence. Before my foray into coding, I aspired to become an F1 driver—a dream that echoes my passion for speed and precision, qualities that I now channel into my development work.

My professional odyssey began at Softices Consultancy Pvt Ltd, where I developed complex systems, including an HR portal and an intelligent API system. This role honed my skills in database management, CI/CD processes, and front-end design using a myriad of technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.

Engineering Scalable Solutions

At Rewind, I significantly reduced the implementation time for new platform backups from 8-9 months to just 4 weeks, showcasing my ability to solve complex problems efficiently. My work didn’t stop at coding; I delighted customers by addressing their issues during on-call rotations, integrating new APIs, and optimizing platform performance. My dedication to enhancing system efficiency and security, coupled with my ability to swiftly adapt and collaborate, has been a constant through my roles at Paymi and Loyaltyworx as well.

A Confluence of Technology and Passion

Beyond the screen, my love for food mirrors my approach to software development—both require a meticulousness and a dedication to craft that drives me to excel. Whether it’s optimizing MongoDB queries or developing a restaurant portal, my dual passions for technology and culinary arts fuel my pursuit of excellence.

Let’s Collaborate

Driven by a hunger for new challenges and a commitment to delivering high-quality code, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to contribute my skills and learn new ones. If you’re seeking a developer who combines technical prowess with a passion for innovation and efficiency, let’s connect. Feel free to reach out to me a

Feel free to reach out to me at for project inquiries or collaborations. Let’s make something amazing together.